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I have been driven to creative pursuits all my life, having drawn and painted for as long as I can remember. I also learnt needlecraft from my Mum and Grandma very young.  Whilst working and raising a family art was a hobby and sewing a useful  skill.   In 2004 I changed direction and started a Fine Art  degree graduating in 2010.  I discovered a talent for 3D and an unsuspected intellectualism which has led to exploration of many materials and an abiding passion for learning.  I constantly stirve to improve my observation, knowledge and skills.  I am never without a sketchbook.  I feel a deep connection to art history and experience an empathy, or resonance, with artists  of earlier times.  I try and live to the polymath ideal of Leonardo Da Vinci. In art I strive for the emotiveness of Hopper, the exotic, eroticism of O’Keefe and the eloquence of Hepworth.  In sewing I aim for couture expertise and quality.

Main mediums An eclectic practice

For me art is interdisciplinary and I find that skills are malleable and transferable. I also find that my ethos, or perhaps pathos, tends to manifest across all mediums and subjectivities.  Drawing underpins everything I do and this is true of art, design or craft projects.  I will often work a project through a number of mediums seeking more clarity and a deeper understanding of nature, form or personality.  

How does it work out in actual practice?  I am mercurial and like change so projects tend to last for 3-6 months or they are long term with periodic breaks, the latter is generally true of oil painting projects given the nature of oils and drying times.  I like being flexible and able to take a course or unexpected break to do something different.  I don’t have a favourite subjectivity and am as happy painting a landscape, cityscape, seascape or portrait…or sewing a 1940s outfit for that matter!   

A practice that is diverse provides a rich melting pot of ideas and skills













        Charcoal  &

        Conte crayon



   Coloured Pencil


   Bistre Wash







Other mediums




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